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Learning, growing, achieving... "The Rosemeade Way"

Welcome to Rosemeade Elementary! Rosemeade is recognized as a small neighborhood school and is well known as a campus with family traditions and a history of high achievement.  More importantly, Rosemeade Elementary's nurturing and supportive environment promotes student growth as well as parent and community involvement, thereby, enhancing the quality of education. 

Anchored in tradition of the "Rosemeade Way," our school's foundation and key strategy are high expectations for each student.  Beginning the first day of school, students are introduced to the "Roadrunners 4R's - Be respectful, reliable, resourceful, and responsible. Modeled by faculty, staff and students, these character traits encourage and challenge all students to develop to their full potential academically, emotionally, socially, and culturally.

Rosemeade is a high performing campus that demonstrates student growth and received an “A” rating for 2019 from the Texas Education Agency. Our curriculum is challenging and rigorous – meeting the varied needs of all of our students. Our teachers are highly qualified teachers and work with one another and district personnel to grow as educators to meet the varied needs of our students.






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Teaching is a difficult profession. There are so many factors to consider each and every day, but above all it is centered around being the best you can be for each individual child that walks through your doors. This weight and responsibility, when held to the high regard it should be, cannot be sustained without the support of a loving and involved community, and that is where Rosemeade differentiates itself from the rest. In the almost six years that I have worked here, I have observed a level of dedication and determination from our school community that is unparalleled from anywhere else I have witnessed. The staff that I am blessed to be surrounded by works tirelessly to deliver not only high quality instruction to each student, but to also invest in the “whole child”- their academic, social, and emotional well-being. Each teacher knows their strengths and how best to use these gifts to elevate, support, and love our students, and when they enter these doors our children know they are part of the Rosemeade family. However, we could not help our students achieve the success we desire for each of them without the incredible support of our administration, PTA, and neighborhood community. It is a rare thing to witness so many people rally together with the level of loyalty and enthusiasm as this Rosemeade community does, and that is what creates the familial feeling that sets our school apart. Walt Disney once said, “Our greatest natural resource is the minds of our children,” and this is a message that perfectly exemplifies the mindset of every member of the Rosemeade family.
-Rosemeade Staff Member

I love Rosemeade because of the teachers are awesome.  The staff is wonderful.  I can tell them about what is going on at my home and trust them.  I also have fun learning because they put it in a way I can understand and make it fun.  I also love Rosemeade because I can have fun with my friends.  Rosemeade is a small school but I like it that way because I know almost all of the kids. Rosemeade means a lot to me and my family.  All of my sibling have attended Rosemeade.  We care about it so much.
-Rosemeade Student

With two working parents in our home, both of whom have experience in CFBISD, we tailored our home search to the Rosemeade Elementary zone when we bought our home in Carrollton a dozen years ago because we knew the reputation of the school and felt it would be a good fit for our growing family. Little did we know how unique, inviting, loving, and encouraging the entire Rosemeade Elementary School family would be for us and our three kids. Having worked in a number of schools in multiple districts, my husband and I are keenly aware of how special Rosemeade truly is. The opportunities the school leadership provides for its students and families is unparalleled both within the district and beyond. Warmth, love, and creative opportunities exude from each and every classroom. The staff encourages each student to strive for his or her best every day using techniques honed from years of experience and positive student engagement and you can just tell the teachers love being there with the kids and helping them grow. Also, there are simply more smiles at Rosemeade than any other campus I've entered! Hard work, team-building, perseverance, achievement, family - those are a few words I'd use to describe my family's experience as Roadrunners, but I could on and on.  We all feel like we are a part of the family and therefore we work that much harder toward that entire family's success. We're looking forward to many more years at Rosemeade Elementary School and will take every opportunity to spread the word of its greatness to others!
-rosemeade Parent